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HO 2021 Syndicate Omega 67

by HO
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The Omega was designed to improve the efficiency and stability of the modern tournament slalom ski. Tournament slalom skiers can run radically short line passes, but can they run them the way they want? Can there be a ski that helps skiers do it in a way that is as easy and effortless as they know it can be done? This is Omega's reason for being. Since it's release in 2019, the Syndicate Omega already has a handful of Pro Ski Tour victories to its credit with scores into 43'off(9.75m)/36mph(58k) as well as countless amateur victories worldwide. The Omega ski shape has increased surface area in the back of the ski in relationship to the forebody. The result is a ski that rides more in-trim or parallel to the water surface. By reducing how much water the Omega is pushing, efficiency is improved and skier turn speed is carried deeper into the cut, helping hide the skier from the speed control. The Omega's 4-stage rocker line with a true flat spot located under the skiers front foot, moves through the wakes and outbound better than any Syndicate ski to date. A reduction in concave volume, compared to other Syndicates, allows the Omega to maintain skier speed more easily for improved efficiency and less skier effort.
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