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Liquid Force 2024 Butterstick Pro Wakeboard



Flex, Press and Pop like a Pro

One of our best-selling park boards and a firm favorite with the team. Felix Georgii is one of the most stylish and creative riders out there and is all about fun and expression. The Butterstick Pro is his representation of this with a super fun feel and flex straight off the dock. Press like never before and butter around the corner like a mad man with the Butterstick Pro.


  • Unique 3D FlexZone Tips - Incredible Presses Unlocked! Elastomeric material arranged in the tip and tail to allow the perfect flex for any press.
  • Clean Single Concave Hull with smaller tip and tail channels keep the board loose without loosing grip. Minimal features on the hull means you can go rail to rail and trick to trick much easier without getting caught up.
  • Equipped with LF Exclusive FlexTrack - Unlimited Stance Options!
    • Optimized Board Flex with Liquid Force 4D Model Bindings
    • Universal Compatibility with All Wakeboard Bindings


  • Progressive 3-Stage Rocker
  • Full Paulownia Wood Profiled Core - Made at the LF Solar Powered Fun Factory
  • 3D FlexZone Tips
  • Tip/Tail Shape: Super Flexi Diamondtail
  • Variable Radius Single Concave Hull
  • Beveled Liquid Rails
  • Sintered Grind Base
  • Finless Design


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