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Radar 2024 Limited Edition Pro Build Vapor - Americana

by Radar


Only 30 tops of these skis have been made for us for the 2023 Waterski Nationals.  If you'd like to get your hands on one.... call the shop and we will try to lock one down for you.  This is the new 2024 Vapor Pro Build with an All American Stars and Stripe theme to it!  Get a part of Radar History!

Message From Vapor Pro Build Designer and Skier Chris Rossi:

Here’s a little insight into the 24 vapor. With this version I was looking for a tighter turn radius that doesn’t need aggressive moves forward to complete. This makes the ski more forgiving to short line skiers while at the same time increasing our mid to beginner skiers ability to make tight turns from a more centered or even rear biased approach. There’s a sharper front bevel which works in conjunction with a reduction in tail width making the ski more nimble and creates increased grip to the front of the ski while allowing the tail to slide thru the finish. Think tighter turns that hook up to the line with more consistency and better angle. The frosting on the cake are the new rocker lines. This improved rocker design smooths out the rocker fore and aft of the wide spot providing a larger platform that places the skier over the front foot to make tighter more constant turns. This ski is going to be a big seller!
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