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Slingshot 2022 Highline V1 Wakeboard

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The Highline is an entirely new breed of cable board designed to deliver all the thrills you've come to expect from Slingshot at a more affordable price-point. This board features a simple wood core that is lively underfoot and easy to manipulate on obstacles, as well as Singleshot fusion sidewalls, Carbon Bedrock Inserts, and a new PBT Park Base to protect the core. The Highline is similar in design to the Windsor Pro model, yet simplified, to deliver a fast, fun, and free feeling ride throughout cableparks around the globe.


We made the Highline wakeboard to deliver flex performance at a base level price.


  • *You will love the Highline because it rides and slides both fast and free.
  • It's a classic Slingshot shape with a simpler core that will leave enough coin in your pocket to pay for the round of beers for you and your crew post session!
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