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Slingshot 2022 Terrain Wakeboard

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2022 Terrain

Park / Flex / Tech

The Terrain is to wakepark riding what beans and rice are to Mexican food: ESSENTIAL! The vertically laminated Atomic Wood Core brings every Slingshot board to life underfoot, and when combined with the Terrain's ultra soft flex pattern, riders will be flexing and pressing through the park like a champ! Several of our riders have described the Terrain as the key to unlocking the nose and tail press, taking their skill and control to new levels within a matter of just a few short sessions. Extra thick sidewalls and the wider tip and tail profile increase both the durability of the board and the likelihood of making it off the end of the obstacle.


We made the Terrain to help entry-level rail riders get to the next level when it comes to pressing and overall control on obstacles.


  • The Terrain is the key to unlocking nose and tail presses in the park.
  • It's user-friendly, extremely durable and a blast for all skill levels.
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