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3 Things that will help you enjoy this Spring on the water!

3 Things that will help you enjoy this Spring on the water!

Is spring a good time to wakeboard, waterski, or wakesurf? Absolutely. Tons of people love to get out on the water in the spring. The shoulder seasons (spring and fall) provide calm water, low boat traffic, and crisp weather which make for amazing sets. Here are 3 tips that will help you to enjoy your time on the water!

  1. Keeping Warm will keep you on the water longer

A nice wetsuit will make a world of difference when the water is cold, plus they add a bit of protection when you take those inevitable falls as you regain your sea legs. Depending on where you are, you might be able to get away with just a wetsuit top or a spring suit, but if you're in a colder region a full wetsuit is your best bet.

  1. Don’t stay wet once you are out of the water

One of the best pieces of gear you can get for spring and fall riding is a Change Towel. These are great to help dry off, but also great for just staying warm in the boat after a set!


  1. How to maximize your water time

This doesn’t necessarily have to do directly with skiing or riding, but the best time to teach your friends and family to back down the launch ramp, drive, and park the boat is pretty much anytime that isn't peak boating season. Boat ramps, docks, and lakes get busy during the summer, so it's best to teach the fundamentals of boating during the off season. A stress-free learning environment makes getting out on the water more enjoyable for everyone involved. Plus, the more friends and family you teach to drive the boat, the more time you'll be able to get on the water.


Spring is one of the best times get out on the water on the lake or at the cable park, teach your friends and family about boating, and take some awesome calm water sets. With the right gear, a sunny spring day can rival even the best summer days on the water. If you have any questions on gear or anything involving that fun family or friends day on the water don’t hesitate to reach out, we are here for you!

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