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Rent to Own Program with Performance Ski and Surf Explained

Rent to Own Program with Performance Ski and Surf Explained

We get lots of phone calls and emails about how the Performance Ski and Surf demo program works, so here is a quick and easy breakdown of how it works.

We Offer demos of a select Skis, Wakeboards, Wakesurfers, and Foils. We do not ship demos, and all demos must be picked up at the shop, as we have a form that is required to be filled out by someone 18+. 


The most common question that we get is how much does it cost? 

Waterskis, Wakeboards, and Wakesurfers are $45.00 a day or can be rented at a weekly rental rate of $255.00. If you do a rental of multiple days you can come in and swap items if you want as long as you are inside the paid for demo time. Also, keep in mind that within 60 days from your first demo all the money you spend can be applied to purchase of a hardgood(minus foil setups)

Foils are $150.00 and this is for a 3 day rental. 


The stock of our demo fleet is changing as new boards come into stock so while we may not have every board, we have comparable items, if you want to know if we demo a certain board/ski please call the shop at 407-859-7544 and we would be happy to help! 

Want to learn more about this check out this video from Owner Bill Porter Here


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