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Here is a general guide on how to choose the right size wakeboard for your needs.

So you are looking to purchase a new wakeboard and To choose the right length in a wakeboard there are a variety of variables you can consider:

  • Who is going to be riding it? One person, multiple people?
  • What is your weight?If multiple riders, what is the weight range of the riders?  
  • Where are you going to ride?  Behind a boat?  Jet Ski?  On a cable?   And what type of water conditions will you be riding in?  flat, Rough ?  Ocean?  River

Honestly when you drill down on all this it can get a bit confusing.  But if you want to keep things simple we would suggest you focus on rider weight as this seems to be key variable when selecting the right board size for your needs.  (Editor note:  If you want to address the other variables above, reach out to us directly by dropping in the shop, calling or emailing us.  Our pro staff has a ton of knowledge and will be glad to help with a personal assessment of the board size for your needs!)


Below is a general size chart we use for helping customers select a board size based on their weight.  This is a very general size chart but should serve in helping you get started.   


Have a specific Model / Brand Board you are looking for?   We would encourage your to get the specific wakeboard model sizing recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the board you are considering.  We suggest this as sometimes a board width / volume can effect the size that will work best for you.


Have more than one person riding the board?        The most “ practical” way to decide would be to select the size of the board of the rider who will be using the the board the most.    Another option would be to choose the board size based on the heaviest rider who will be using it.  Why the heaviest rider?  Because it will become extremely frustrating for a rider whose board is not long enough to “float them” sufficiently.  Ultimately you can usually find a length in a wakeboard that you can share together.  

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