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2024 HO Sabre - Large

by HO

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The Sabre is a great choice for intermediate to advanced skiers who want a versatile, stable, and smooth ride. Its lightweight and durable construction, combined with easy turning and a forgiving sweet spot, make it excellent for skiers who want to progress their skills and accelerate their learning curve. 


  • Wide Forebody: Support and Stability
  • High Tip Rocker Design: More Aggressive Turn Initiation
  • High Volume Concave: Increased Downforce for Stability and Drive

We teamed up with Checkerspot, a biotechnology company, to make a revolutionary replacement from a renewable source - microalgae oil. Historically, high performance equipment has relied on petroleum outputs to meet industry standards. Utilizing Checkerspot’s WING™ Platform, we custom formulated a rigid foam specifically for our skis. Their biology and material science capabilities enabled them to design a lightweight biobased foam, tailored to reduce overall weight and deliver higher compressive strength at lower densities.

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