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2024 Liquid Force Apex w/ Scan Open Toe Boots


Order Now, only a couple left in stock!

Liquid Force 2024 Scan OT 6X Binding (Size)
Liquid Force 2024 APEX Wakeboard (Size)

The Apex w/ Scan 6X OT Package will absolutely be your favorite Cable Combo after your very first lap.  

Loic is one of our French Cable Riders who holds a commanding presence within the park scene...and requires a board that is able to keep up with his hard charging style.  It's continuous rocker profile allows you to navigate the park from feature to feature with ease, and give you consistent flex when locked into rails.

Paired up with the Scan 6X™ OT's, you'll be able to really dial in the amount of mobility you need.  Don't sleep on the Power Strap, it's your secret weapon for sure!  Run it slightly looser than normal, and you can really exaggerate your grabs and presses.  Feeling frisky and wanting to boost off the kicker? Tighten that bad boy up, and you'll have the support you need on those harder landings.

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