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2024 Liquid Force Holiday w/ Vida Boots


Liquid Force 2024 Holiday Wakeboard (Size)
Liquid Force 2024 Vida 6X Wakeboard Binding (Size)

Claudia is one of our top-tier cable female riders and has a style all of her own.  Just like her riding, her pro-model Holiday is unique in every way...laid back and fun, mirroring her personality.  But don't let the vibe fool you, if you're ready to take your riding to far off destinations, the Holiday has it's bags packed and ready for take off!

If you're looking for a binding with a little more flex or range of motion but without a walk-out liner, the Vida 6X™ is a great option to move forward with.  Formulated specifically for an intermediate to advanced female rider in mind, the Vida 6X™ continues to be a team favorite that compliments all sorts of riding styles.

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