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2024 Slingshot Space Grom w/ Grom Boots


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Slingshot 2024 Space Grom Wakeboard (Size)


The future of wakeboarding is bright, and trending younger and younger each season! For this reason, we’ve built Space Grom (formerly the Super Grom) to be the highest- performance board for groms ever made! The Space Grom is built with our lively Atomic Wood Core and a softer flex that lightweight riders can manipulate with ease, so they can ride with the same style and agility (if not more) than their elder mentors.


Kids who want to SHRED! Kids boards typically leave little room for performance riding, but he Space Grom is built with the same great technology as Slingshot pro boards. Perfect for cables and boats, offered in a variety of sizes for all stages of the grom journey.

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