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2024 Slingshot Space Melter w/ Space Mob Boots


Slingshot 2024 Space Melter Wakeboard (Size)
Slingshot 2024 Space Mob Binding (Size)


The Space Melter has officially taken wakeboarding by storm as one of the most interesting, exciting, and progressive wakeboards in the cable space. The hype has been so real that we’ve added a
2nd size for 2024—the all new 150 Space Melter. The unique outline of the board makes it super forgiving through the park and the flex in the tips is simply euphoric. A feeling every wakeboarder must experience. While these boards may seem big, you’ll be surprised by their maneuverability and the new riding style they naturally help you unleash. Soft Flex and exaggerated nose and tail rockers emulate the feeling of snowboarding on water, and the endless mounting options for your boots with surely deliver an entirely new experience on the water.


The most progressive park riders focused primarily on tech rail riding and butters. Snowboarders crossing over to wake, people with upper thigh tattoos, anyone who rocks bangs on their forehead, and generally any rider who’s grown bored of traditional setups and is looking for an entirely new park riding experience.

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