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32gb Micro Sdhc Action


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Maxflash Action Hyperspeed microSD cards are excellent memory upgrade for action cameras(GoPro, Drift, Contour, etc.), smart phones, tablet computers, MP3/MP4 players and many other applications. With its small size, low power consumption and capacity to 32GB, they are the ideal storage medium for your data such as music, movies, ringtones. The included SD adapter extended the application range to many other options, such as digital cameras, etc., even if no microSD card slot is available.<p><b>FEATURES:</b><ul><li> Up to 95MB/s reading, up to 45MB/s writing<li> Can handle full 4K HD video<li> The ideal accessory for all action and helmet cameras with microSDHC slot <li> Compatible with all camera manufacturers <li> Class 10: The fastest speed class, perfect card for your Full HD video recording <li> Meets the highest quality standards <li> 10 years warranty Tested and Recommended for all popular Action Cameras, such as GoPro, Drift, Contour, etc.</ul>

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