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Camaro Blacktec Hoodie Shirt

by Camaro

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Camaro Blacktec Hoody Shirt

Looking for the perfect shirt to wear between sets or heading to the water? Look no further. The Camaro Blacktec Hoody Shirt takes the warmth and comfort found in their wetsuits and has designed this hoody as the perfect top for hanging out around the water.

* The Body is made of the extra water repellent Blacktec SCS Open Cell neoprene that is both warm and super comfortable.
* The Sleeves are made of a unique flex material to allow for comfort and warmth. l
* The Neck features a 3/4 zip design with a lycra flex panel at the bottom for improved comfort and fit. Also makes getting the top on and off a breeze.

* - Prolongated neoprene back design offers additional protection and warmth.
* - Attached neoprene hoodie ensures you can keep your head warm during colder conditions.
* - Bonus zip pocket has been added on the back.

* This special neoprene is a delicate material that allows the suit to be warm and flexible. Handle with care and never grab with your fingernails/tips to pull the suit on (use your knuckles). Doing so could tear the suit. Only tears along the seams are considered manufacturer's defects.

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