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Camaro Titanium Pro Top

by Camaro

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The Titanium Pro Suits made of the exclusive SCS Open Cell Titanium neoprene are only 0.5-1.5m thick and extremely flexible. In combination with our Seamless Bonding Technology - seamlessly welded- our suits are extremely comfortable without leaving any pressure marks. Flexible, comfortable, and non-binding - no resistance to boost your performance.

Material: 0,5 mm Titanium/Modetec neoprene
- extremely stretchable and wafer-thin
- Seamless Bonding technology

* This special neoprene is a delicate material that allows the suit to be warm and flexible. Handle with care and never grab with your fingernails/tips to pull the suit on (use your knuckles). Doing so could tear the suit. Only tears along the seams are considered manufacturer's defects.

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