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Camaro Titanium Zero Overall Full Wetsuit

by Camaro

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Camaro Titanium Zero Overall Full Suit

The Titanium Zero is the product of Camaro listening to what their customer’s were asking for.  A ultra warm fullsuit that would allow them an alternative to a drysuit and offer the warmth / flexibilty and comfort they’ve come to associate with Camaro.  Utilizing a military grade TRU-ZIP waterproof zip with their 2mm Titanium Modetec Neoprene and seamless bonding technology has produced a new fullsuit that many say is the warmest, most flexible one they’ve ever worn.  This unique construction keeps you extremely warm, even in very cold temperatures while still allowing you the movement and conform you expect in a Camaro Suit!

MATERIAL: 2mm Titanium/ Modetec Neoprene
  • TRU®-Zip Technology - waterproof zipper
  • seamlessly processed with seamless bonding technology
  • keeps extremely warm, even in cold temperatures
  • super elastic
  • freedom of movement guaranteed
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