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D3 Aira Carbon Honeycomb Rubber Edge Trick Skis - Red

by D3


The AIRA Carbon HC features a forward thinking approach to the traditional D3 overall topographical shape. This ski offers support where you need it and less where you don’t. A tapered profile has been designed into both the tip and tail of the AIRA Carbon. While subtle to the naked eye, this modification creates an energetic feel on all wake tricks and produces effortless pop.

The AIRA Carbon HC’s ability to create load with minimal effort is apparent from the first cut. The Aira Carbon HC’s honeycomb core has the unique ability to store energy when loaded while still controlling the release of that energy in the form of rebound. The faster a ski rebounds that faster the skier can move to the next trick. Our flex pattern combined with the AIRA Carbon HC’s side profile makes edging into the wake effortless, resulting in a powerful release for faster spins and quicker flips.

Champion trick skier Adam Pickos said, “I ride the Aira Carbon HC because it is consistent, responsive in transitions, and explosive off the wake to make my tricks cleaner with less effort. When I am pushing through 20 seconds, I need a ski that’s quick and stays with me without losing control. On this new Aira Carbon HC I’m ready to take my skiing to the next level. Faster rebound, more responsive, and stable... this ski has it all.”

Moving from trick to trick quickly is the name of the game when chasing a personal best or a world record. The AIRA Carbon HC’s ability to allow every skier to move from trick to trick with speed and stability is perhaps its best attribute. Still featuring the largest sweet-spot in the industry for stability, the AIRA Carbon HC gains its quickness and agility from its carbon fiber laminates and honeycomb core. D3 Team and current World Record Holder Erika Lang said it best, “I am now faster from trick to trick. I now have time to add a trick or two at the end of each pass.”

The AIRA Carbon HC begins with an aerospace quality aluminum honeycomb core and 100% carbon fiber laminate construction. The honeycomb core combined with the carbon fiber make the AIRA Carbon HC our lightest trick ski. The honeycomb core in the AIRA Carbon HC delivers lightning fast rebound that makes the AIRA Carbon HC the pro skier’s choice for all wake tricks.

The AIRA Carbon and the AIRA Carbon HC come complete with rock solid ABS plastic anchors embedded inside the core of each ski. These anchors allow us to install the industry’s highest quality machine screw inserts in all AIRA Carbon models. Rear plate inserts are standard equipment on all AIRA Carbon tricks. These rear inserts are designed to work with our Pro Trick Plate.

Sizes: 41", 42", 43" & 44"

Machine Screw Inserts: AIRA Carbon trick ski comes complete with machine screw inserts for the front binding and the rear toe plate.

Ski Insert Hole Patterns: All AIRA Carbon trick ski insert patterns accommodate current D3, Reflex, HO, Radar, Connelly and Wiley front binding plates and the D3 Pro Trick Plate (PTP) for the rear toe.

Rear Plates: The D3 Pro Trick Plate (PTP) is needed with all AIRA trick ski models. Note: The D3 Invert Trick Plate (ITP) will not work with the rear insert pattern.


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