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D3 NEO Slalom Ski Blank with Fin

by D3
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Different strokes for different folks! Like the proverbial saying, skiers have different skiing styles and different needs.

The all-new NEO is specifically designed for that demanding skier looking for quick acceleration, quick deceleration, and quick turns...then repeat that 6X!!

The NEO has a wider front profile relative to its narrower tail - which allows the skier to control the back of the ski throughout the turn.

While the ski slightly narrower in front and under the bindings compared to the ION 2, the NEO has the widest edge to edge bevel footprint and deepest concave of any D3 ski to date. The added concave volume means more initial acceleration and better deceleration when you need it at extreme short line passes.

The bevels are larger than both the ION 2 and the NRG R2 which means the ski sits in the water slightly deeper with great stability and feel.

The NEO features:
  • Ski Profile - Front profile is wider relative to a narrower tail
  • Tunnel Concave - Widest edge to edge bevel footprint and deepest concave of any D3 ski to date
  • Rocker Profile - Mid-level rocker design - between ION 2 (less) and NRG R2 (more)
  • Tail Shape - Narrowest tail in the D3 slalom ski line up - less resistance - allows the tail to rotate the ski into immediate angle
  • Bevels - Overall, slightly larger than other D3 slalom skis - allows the ski to sit slightly deeper
  • Machine Screw Inserts - Accommodates D3, Reflex and most current binding hole patterns. All inserts are set in hard PVC anchor blocks for trouble free screw retention.
  • Accuset Fin Block - Accurate, three-point set screws for easy fin adjustments and laser aligned fin position
  • Sizes - 65", 66" & 67"
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