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Dragon The Jam LL Matte Black H20 / Smoke Polar

by Dragon

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  • H2O Floatable Style
  • Lumalens Color Optimized technology
  • 100% UV Protection
  • 6-Base Nylon Lenses
  • Retro Sport Styling: A perfect fusion of vintage aesthetics and contemporary design.
  • Metal Badge Detailing: Temple embellishments for a touch of sophistication.
  • Lens Variety: Endless lens combinations, including LL BLUE ION, for a distinctive visual experience.
  • Plant-Based Resin Construction: Enjoy the eco-conscious craftsmanship of The Jam, made from sustainable materials for an earth-friendly fashion choice.
  • Lumalens Color Optimized Technology: Elevate your visual experience with lenses that offer exceptional clarity, color optimization, and precise depth perception.
  • Advanced Lens Coatings: With hydrophobic, oleophobic, hard coating, and ionized treatments, these lenses resist water, oils, scratches, and glare, ensuring pristine vision in any conditions.
  • 100% UV Protection: Safeguard your eyes with complete ultraviolet protection, keeping you safe and comfortable under the sun.
  • Diverse Color and Lens Options: Catering to all tastes, The Jam offers an array of color and lens combinations, including unique selections from our H2O Floatable collection.
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