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HO Womens Carbon Omni with Freemax 5-9W - ARTP

by HO

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HO 2022 Womens Carbon Omni Slalom Ski (Size)

The OMNI waterski is optimized for the skier who needs one ski to do everything. Developed for high versatility with added responsiveness, the Carbon OMNI marries high performance aggressive skiing with the efficiency essential for open water skiing.

 Shape: The Omni was designed with a Hybrid Waist Width, halfway between those typically found in traditional skis and those in wideride skis. This provides for smooth instinctive turns at a wide range of speeds. For 2022 it’s also offered in a Wide Edition, providing additional lift for easier getups and stable turns. The Omni’s Continuous Rockerline executes intuitive turns with no paralleling while the Clean Edge Technology tail reduces drag 50% by allowing water to release cleanly off the bottom of the ski. This differs from conventional edges where water wraps around the bevel, up the sidewall and releases off the upper edge creating suction. The Clean Edge bevel-less tail offered in the Omni designs, Clean Edge 3.0, produces more acceleration with less skier input. In addition, we’ve enhanced stability by maintaining more bevel between the rear foot and fin. The result is a fast moving highly efficient ski with the handling required for tight line turns.

 Construction: The Carbon Omni is built utilizing Carbon Laminates, for increased stiffness delivering maximum acceleration. A traditional Polyurethane core creates a stable and damp feel, optimized to perform in variable water chop. It’s also longitudinally stiffer for the more aggressive skier who demands more horsepower and increased response in pursuit of throwing the biggest water walls.

Open Water Freeride Ease
• NEW! Lower 15cm tall cuff height: Low profile for increased flexibility and comfort
• NEW! SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner for a natural rubber feel
• Composite textile shell. Reinforced in the Achilles spine and heel cup for improved durability. Softened over the instep and cuff wings for a more secure fit.
• 10mm thick, zero-drop, contoured footbed provides a solid platform for improved balance
• Dual Lace Zones: low drag bungee upper, static lower for precision control
• Removable Footbed Anchoring System for easier mounting
• Available with DirectConnect and traditional aluminum plate options fit all ski brands

Available in Mens & Womens colorways
• Composite textile shell: Softened over the instep for a more secure fit.
• SBR Closed Cell Foam Tongue for a natural rubber feel
• Removable Footbed Anchoring System for easier mounting
• Available with Direct Connect and traditional aluminum plate

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