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Ion 3 w/ T-Factor and Rear Toe Plate


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D3 ION 3 Slalom Ski (Size)
D3 T Factor Front Boot (Size)
D3 Contour Rear Toe Plate (RTP) (Size)

How do you improve on the ION 2 - one of the best slalom skis of all time? Certainly, it was a challenging task, but we did it!

Introducing the 2024 ION III - A level up.  An all new ski built in all new molds.

After extensive testing, we took the successful ION profile shape, modified its rocker profile, cut a new mold --producing the new ION III which is even more stable, with better cast outbound off the wakes, and turns which are symmetrical - both onside and off!

So how do you do this.  The key is creating a bigger "Work Area".   By work area we are talking the space underneath your feet where the magic happens.  Many people call it a "flat spot", but the reality is that its not flat.  To create this bigger "work space" D3 shifted the key rocker component of the ski from under the heel of the front boot to under the toes of the your rear foot creating a fulcrum further back in the ski.   This change offers you the abilty to cast out wider as you set up for your turn, much more symmetry on. both your offside AND on side turns all while benefiting from way more stabilty under your feet with larger "work area".

You'll feel this as son as you pull up on the boat in your glide for the gates. The ski retains the offside turns that you have come to expect from all D3 skis. With that said, we improved the ski's ability to dynamically achieve quicker angle for your onside turns.

The ION III has the same cross course speed, consistency, and predictability found in the earlier ION skis.

You will find that the front portion of the ski will give you balance and control as you accelerate off the wake into the pre-turn. The ION III settles into the groove early providing a platform for you to confidently commit to each turn. With the additional time and space into the buoy, the ION III automatically begins its rotation sooner and more aggressively to establish the greatest amount of angle possible before you load the towline.With an earlier and quicker angle, you can stay farther ahead of the toughest passes.

The quality of D3 skis is world renowned. D3 creates beautifully hand-crafted skis here in the USA that will exceed our expectations and allow you to perform your best. We focus on every detail. Our processes, done by true craftsmen, have an unmatched consistency and quality level - one that we are exceptionally proud to stand behind.

The ION III features:

  • Ski Profile - Traditional Ski Shape - best ridden in a balanced stance over the middle of the ski. The ION series is slightly wider than the competition's traditional shaped skis.
  • Tunnel Concave - Shallowest of the D3 slalom line which promotes good cross-course speed.
  • Rocker Profile - Multiple Stage Rocker - Optimizes the sweet spot and balance cross course and into the pre-turn and maximizes ski rotation out of the turn.
  • Tail Shape - Widest tail in the D3 slalom line.
  • Bevels - Soft tail bevel allows the tail of the ski to move throughout the turn in perfect balance with the tip.
  • All Levels - Designed for skiers of all levels and at the same time exceeds the expectations of the most demanding skiers.
  • Accuset Fin Block - Accurate, three-point set screws for easy fin adjustments and laser aligned fin position.
  • Machined Screw Inserts - Accommodates D3, Reflex and most current binding hole patterns. All inserts are set in hard PVC anchor blocks for trouble free screw retention.
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