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Liquid Force 2022 AMORPHAGON Regular Foot Surfer

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AMORPHAGON Assymetrical Surfer

October 15th, 2021: 

We are honored to be one of a few shops chosen to offer an "ULTRA" limited edition surfer from the design team at Liquid Force.  Only 13 boards total in both sizes were made world wide... we have one of each that we are offering on a first come - first serve basis

All 4 boards are in stock right now.....but we are going to list them as "pre-order" to confirm they've not been sold in the shop prior to you "clicking" on BUY NOW.  Once you place your order...we will confirm your order via email that your order is locked down.

Here is what LF has to say about these boards:

The mad scientists at the Liquid Force R&D Fun Lab have released an extremely limited qty of unique surf boards called the Amorphagon, and lucky for us (and you) we happen to be one of the handful of dealers that received some!  

In a world consumed by “Right vs. Left” the Amorphagon board let’s both sides win while celebrating a preferred stance (there is a left foot forward version and a right foot forward version of the shape). Designed as an asymmetric shape with a shorter rail on the heelside for quick snaps, and a longer rail on the toeside for projection out of turns, you will love the unique feel of the Amorphagon. The heelside fin set up (side fin plus the trailer fin) enhances the control on the backside turns while the hatchet fin on the toeside keeps the top turns feeling cruisy and loose. Right foot or left foot forward, regular, or goofy, this shape delivers that special feeling that let’s both sides shine!

 The Amorphagon may look a little “Out of this World” but rest assured it’s here and ready to maximize your surf experience in a one off, unique way.


4’8” x 19” x 1.8” 

  • 18.3L
  • Nose Rocker 3”
  • Tail Rocker .75”

 5’0” x 20” x 1.9”

  • 20.5L
  • Nose Rocker 3.12”
  • Tail Rocker .8”

 Tommy Czeschin and what he says about it:     The Amorphagon is a different breed…  It’s snappy and smooth, yet FUN and functional, it’s different but not too different… Let’s get weird!!! 

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