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Liquid Force Pod Foil Set


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The Liquid Force Pod Foil Set is user-friendly setup that everyone can enjoy.

The Liquid Force Pod Foil Set uses a 27” mast that features an updated mast cross-section built to minimize drag and maximize safety. The Glider 125 wing set gives great lift and performance on the 1st or 2nd wake. With a flat stabilizer wing, the Glider wing set turns quickly and efficiently while allowing easy pumps to endless glides.

Liquid Force Pod Foil Set Features

  • Glider 125 Carbon Wing
  • 27″ Aluminum Alloy Mast
  • Forged Aluminum Mast Collar
  • Aluminum Standard Fuselage
  • Transition Plate
  • Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Padded Wing Covers
  • Compartmentalized Carry Case
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