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OBrien 2022 Platform Trainers

by Obrien
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Obrien 2022 Platform Trainers

Classic Platform Design

Since the '50s, thousands of kids have learned to ski on platform-style skis, and what worked so well back then still works great today! With an abundance of surface area, the Platform Trainers make it easy for young skiers to pop right out of the water and start cruising around the lake. Packaged with a trainer rope and handle, the Platform Trainer has all the tools you need to get your kids skiing in no time!


  • Length - 46"
  • Slip-In Padded Bindings
  • U-Shaped Platform Design - Single-piece construction makes it easy to get up and ski
  • Eco-Friendly Bamboo Construction
  • Trainer Rope and Handle
  • For Skiers Up to 85 lbs
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