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ONeill Blueprint 3/2 Chest Zip Full Wetsuit

by ONeill

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O'Neill's New Blueprint Chest Zip continues our legacy of innovation with premium quality features and high tech construction using the most eco-friendly materials currently available. O'Neill is firmly committed to offering the closest thing to an entire range of truly environmentally responsible products.

UPC: 191015109298


  • F.U.Z.E. Closure (Chest Zip)
  • Redzone Water Resistant Zipper
  • 360° Barrier With Drainholes (F.U.Z.E.)
  • Plasma Wrist and Ankle Seals
  • Stitch-less Seam Technology
  • Arms/ Shoulders: TechnoButter 3X
  • Chest / Back / Thigh/ Butt: Nova Skin Air Graphene Fire Wall
  • Shins/ Calf: TechnoButter 3
  • PLUS (+) = 0.5mm Extra thickness for even more warmth
  • Aqua Alpha Solvent Free Neoprene Lamination
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