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Radar 2016 Vector Rear Feather Frame Boot - Small

by Radar

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Radar Vector Feather Frame Water Ski Binding

Radar keeps pushing the slalom ski binding further every year. One thing we know for certain is the Radar Vector is the best selling waters ski boot on the market. If you are looking for a performance ski binding built for a skier seeking all day comfort look to further. The Vector will hug your foot without creating any pressure points giving you both the support and comfort you need and want. This ski boot is lightweight and ultra comfortable platform allows you to forget about your feet and focus on slalom skiing.

The Vector is built on the feather frame chassis. This chassis is the industry's only completely integrated baseless ski boot design. The feather frame eliminates unnecessary screws and added plates, making it the lightest boot set up you can mount to a slalom ski. The weight reduction comes without sacrifice to the structural integrity of the chassis. The feather frame chassis will move your feet as close to the ski as possible improving the feel of the ski underneath your feet. This will also improve the energy transfer and reaction time between you and your ski.

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