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Ronix 2024 Alloy - Fluid Mast - 28in. / 71cm

by Ronix

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The most advanced Ronix mast. Stay high, stay consistent, stay fluid.

Speed, lift and travel usually override arguably the most important aspect of your mast – the flow. We have tested a variety of foils in the marketplace. A common theme was feeling the foil setup turning in stages. Each pivot would be good for another “X” degrees until you finally arced through a sectioned turn. We were looking for an effortless turn like you get from ripping powder. A shape manifested with a built-in metronome to keep a consistent, prolonged cadence. The temperament of this mast will see you through the progression of flight all the way to second wave exploration nearly 80 feet from the boat. A fluid session will always have you feeling in control of your ride as you comfortably stand upright in a natural foil position. Don’t let it fool you though – it’s still very much capable of jumping on the gas for a port to starboard wave transfer – just with smooth, linked predictable turns.


Paired with our perfectly machined fuselage for the most solid connection in foiling. This design and strength are the perfect fulcrum for intermediate to advanced levels. With this mast you always know where you are, feel in control and have the power to leverage into your next movement. Along with the help of some software used by our smart nautical friends – we discovered the ratios of quick your ride is and how comfortable you will always feel on it.

- Blended Leading Edge – We wanted the front portion of the mast to have that blend of speed and stability. We spent years covering the spectrum of aggressive penetrating leading edges that were too unpredictable, to blockier versions that didn’t have the down the line quickness we were looking.

- Clean Trailing Edge - Arguably nothing alters the ride of your foil like how the water leaves your setup. Determining where the mast fades to a thinner contact point and how aggressive that happens will determine whether you are checking the efficiency box or the disruption version.


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