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Ronix 2024 One Combo - Lycra Grip 1.25 in. Diameter with 80ft. R8 Rope

by Ronix

Almost Sold Out! Less than 5 in stock

Finally Ronix is now offering an all unique combo for Danny!  The new One Combo!

Danny Harf's signature handle simply looks and works amazing!  

One of the founders of Ronix, and the pioneer of the 1260 Danny Harf know's handle passes - this new One handle is designed for advanced revolutions.  


+ Nylon BarLock = less handle rotation

+ 15” Extra tacky hide & ribbed Lycra grip w/ silicone seam

grip closure

+ 1.25” Handle diameter

+ T6 Lightweight aircraft aluminum dowel

+ EVA inside handle bar for flotation

+ Handle strung with 12-strand Holland Dyneema rope

+ Removable 24-strand Spectra fusion 3ft section

+ Available in single handle

+ “T” wrap handle section sold separately

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