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Ronix 2024 Utopia Wakeboard

by Ronix


The thinnest profile - creating the easiest tip/tail flex in our range on the Market!

Trent Stuckey has been behind the scenes working on his first signature park board for years. Trent was looking for a conventional construction but wanted to have the board taper through the tip and tail to the thinnest profile of any Ronix board. The result is a board that loads into a tip or tail press easier than anything we have ever ridden which works well for both beginners and seasoned pros. A relaxed rocker line in a class all by itself which allows for speed on the water and stability on features, and the curve between the boots provides softer landings. The channels are pulled in which means you will not feel them while riding a feature. The Utopia also has a tip/tail concave to lock onto those pipe features as well as enhance on water performance. Trent also wanted finite stance options, so the inserts are spaced 25% closer together and we added 4 additional inserts for a greater spread of stance widths.






Utopia Edition #001

Trent Stuckey Pro Model Park Board


Inspired by, but more than an evolution of the Kinetik Springbox.


If the Kinetik Springbox were a track car with a stick shift, tight clutch and a stiff suspension, the Utopia would be a sport sedan with user activated sport mode shifting, suspension and turbo. Capable of a relaxed Sunday drive, a Saturday night cruise of the strip, a hectic commute or a day at the track.

The Utopia is not only so performance oriented that it is capable of the most progressive and explosive riding as displayed in “Sincerely, Trent'', it is so comfortable that anyone can ride it with any style and is ultimately defined by rider input.

The Utopia is about a rider finding a feeling, an experience, a place on the water so perfect that it feels imaginary.


The Utopia is built on a durable paulownia wood core of vertical planks which maintains stability under the boots, while tapering into the thinnest and liveliest tips of any Ronix park board, ever.



Not too wide in the waist and definitely not narrow in the tips with a more parallel side cut. The Utopia maintains speed, holds its line and cuts hard when asked to. With more surface area in the tips than any Ronix park board the result is extra stability when pressing on features and more ollie/pop power.


The Ronix park board rocker is in a class all by itself and the Utopia rocker is relaxed which allows for speed on the water and stability on features. With a curve between the boots softer landings are provided. The rocker and side cut curves both disappear into the tips which builds speed when set on edge, and massive pop to add some style to the resurging air tricks. Not to forget about riding park features, the rockerless tips also provide ollie and nollie power as well as stability in those nose and tail slides.

Bottom Contours/Rails

Ronix G&R channels are sunk into the board and follow the outline of the board, which means you will not feel them while riding a feature. On the Utopia the G&R channels are pulled in, which allows the base of the board outside the channels to be angled up slightly. The result is catch free slides in the park and some forgiveness on those natural terrain/urban hits, yet still preserving a performance rail for on water riding. Finally the Utopia also features a tip/tail concave to lock onto those pipe features as well as enhance on water performance.

Inserts/Stance Options

The Utopia provides more stance options with extra inserts and closer spacing. So whether your stance is narrow, wide or more on the tail, the Utopia will have you standing comfortably.


Park boards take a beating. The Utopia features an impact absorbing sidewall to extend the life of your board.


Clean and simple with a meaning behind the rose. Trent loves wakeboarding and wants to give to it. Trent’s full video part is described as a gift to wakeboarding through innovative riding and it is signed “Sincerely, Trent”. The Utopia is a gift to wakeboarding through innovative products and the rose is a symbol of that gift to a loved one.

Why is the Utopia different from other Ronix park boards?

The core tapers into the tips, creating a variable flex that increases into the tip yielding more press-ability and a way more lively feel. Additional surface area in the tips for added stability on features as well as a larger platform to pop from. Lifted rails, the base is angled up outside the channels for catch free slides and to protect the rails of the board.

What makes the Utopia unique from other brand boards on the market?

It would be the tip/tail. It’s like a power tail….. more reactive…. more alive… more useable

Other brand boards have tapered/flex tips, but they also have rocker and side cut in the tips. On the water this slows the board down and robs power and pop. On the features they tend to reach a limp point or noodle out and wont snap out of presses. The flex/butter boards out there leave riders dropping out the end of features. Something already curved (tip rocker) is easier to bend farther and slower to return to shape.

The Utopia tip is flexy thanks to the taper, but with the disappearing rocker and side cut it takes a bit more to initiate the bend and is quicker to return to its original shape.

Translation: The recipe of surface area, disappearing rocker and side cut as well as the taper of the Utopia tip/tail makes it flexy and pressable… but it is more lively, creates speed and pop and can snap off the water and out of presses/nollies.


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