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Slingshot 2024 Nomad Wakeboard


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The Nomad is the board that started a revolution in wakeboarding over the past decade. Bigger boards are undoubtedly here to stay, and the Nomad is the Godfather of this movement. First released in 2015, it was the first board to cross the line of 150 centimeters, offered all the way up to 160cm. The benefit? Bigger pop, more stability, slower planing speeds, and more controlled landings. Thanks to our lighter wood-core constructions, we’re able to produce a board of this size without a dramatic increase in overall swing weight.


The Nomad is for riders seeking a new feel on the water entirely. Whether they prefer boat or cable, it’s an awesome option for those who claim to have “been there and done that” as it delivers a whole new and completely re-invigorating feel on the water.

Tech Features

Atomic Wood Core
Carbon Bedrock Inserts Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls Ballistic Base
Continuous Rocker Profile Belly Channels

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