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Camaro Titanium Pro Mono Long Sleeve Spring Suit

by Camaro


Camaro Titanium Pro Mono Long Sleeve Spring Suit

The Titanium Pro Suits made of the exclusive SCS Open Cell Titanium neoprene are only 0.5-1.5m thick and extremely flexible. In combination with our Seamless Bonding Technology - seamlessly welded- our suits are extremely comfortable without leaving any pressure marks. Flexible, comfortable, and non-binding - no resistance to boost your performance.

Material: 0.5 mm Titanium/Modetec neoprene

  • Extremely stretchable and wafer-thin
  • Seamless Bonding technology- Hot welding –100% water-proof & no chafing
  • Detachable zip-strap


* This special neoprene is a delicate material that allows the suit to be warm and flexible. Handle with care and never grab with your fingernails/tips to pull the suit on (use your knuckles). Doing so could tear the suit. Only tears along the seams are considered manufacturer's defects.

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