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Camaro Titanium Shorty Base Layer

by Camaro

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With this baselayer collection CAMARO offers thin and extremely stretchy styles ,that are quick drying with the best heat insulation. Can be worn as a single layer or in combination with additional layers to keep the body extra warm.

Shake It Once And It's Dry: Due to a special water repellent Titanium coating and seamless bonding technology the suit dries off extremely fast, is windproof and reduces odor.

Incredibly Stretchy: The neoprene block is split to leave the open-cell structure on the outside making the material much more fl exible than a conventional one.

Extremely Warm: Due to the special flexbility and the open-cell structure of the material the water exchange is reduced to a minimum and the heat output is considerably increased.

Material: 2mm SCS Titanium Open Cell neoprene


  • seams glued and blind-stitched, waterproof
  • the perfect underwear
  • shake it once and it’s dry

* This special neoprene is a delicate material that allows the suit to be warm and flexible. Handle with care and never grab with your fingernails/tips to pull the suit on (use your knuckles). Doing so could tear the suit. Only tears along the seams are considered manufacturer's defects.

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