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Radar 2024 Pro Build Vapor - Textreme / Lagoon Blue

by Radar

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Message From Vapor Pro Build Designer and Skier Chris Rossi:

Here’s a little insight into the 24 vapor. With this version I was looking for a tighter turn radius that doesn’t need aggressive moves forward to complete. This makes the ski more forgiving to short line skiers while at the same time increasing our mid to beginner skiers ability to make tight turns from a more centered or even rear biased approach. There’s a sharper front bevel which works in conjunction with a reduction in tail width making the ski more nimble and creates increased grip to the front of the ski while allowing the tail to slide thru the finish. Think tighter turns that hook up to the line with more consistency and better angle. The frosting on the cake are the new rocker lines. This improved rocker design smooths out the rocker fore and aft of the wide spot providing a larger platform that places the skier over the front foot to make tighter more constant turns. This ski is going to be a big seller!
2024 Vapor, the culmination of all the skis we’ve created to date. Every time we build a new ski, we learn something; defining what bevel shape is best and which rocker line is most balanced is now rooted in our DNA. As we ap-proached this new ski we reflected upon things in our past and learned from what we’ve tried before. The result is a ski that finishes the turn with more an-gle and speed than its predecessor and sweeps away from the wake with ease. By sharpening the bevel in the front half of the ski we created a ski that’s more intuitive as it enters the turn; this combined with narrowing the tail of the ski creates sustainable angle that can be carried from the finish of the turn through centerline. The balance you feel over your feet is a direct result of the rocker built into the shape of the ski. Our new rocker line flattens fore and aft of the wide spot providing a larger platform. This places you over the front foot with ease, making tighter, more consistent turns. Fundamentally, the lower rocker line dramatically improves feedback from the ski and leads to a more natural and intuitive feeling ride. The way this ski flows from turn to turn with the speed only a Vapor is known for will have you running more buoys than ever before. Ski it for yourself.

Pro Build designates a PMI Core and Textreme Carbon. PMI is the lightest and most responsive foam money can buy, allowing a skier to get more attainable angle out of the turn and have the ability to hold it through the wakes. Textreme lets the ski flex instantly and consistently, giving the skier more speed from a wider point. Overall, the ski will feel like it is carrying constant speed from the first cut to the last turn which results in the most effortless ride we’ve found to date.

The Pro Build Vapor is everything a competition skier ever wanted, designed to perform between 32-36 MPH and in the slalom course to elite levels. It’s our Pro Team’s model of choice but is also great for those looking to improve their skills at any level. By riding a Pro Build Vapor you ensure that you have the best materials wrapped into the best shape on the market. Now all you have to decide is which color you like best.

  • PMI Core – Lightweight, high density, most response.
  • Textreme Carbon – Lighter, stronger composites.
  • Carbon Rods – Zonal flex for the optimum layup.
  • Bio Resin – Plant based and better.
  • Race Base – Earlier lines and easier turns. 
  • Enduro Tip/Tail – Built for speed.
  • Radar Lab Made – Thanks Herb.
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