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Ronix 2024 Koal Surface - 727 Foil Board w/ Straps

by Ronix


- Volume available in 14.8 or 19.8 Liters

There isn’t a very direct coloration between board size and rider size.
We have had people 230 lbs. preferring the 4’1 and other people 175 lbs. preferring the 4’8.

Since there isn’t much contact between the board and the water determining the board push and drive the way that there is on a wakesurf board – instead size is determined by ability and style.

Benefits of a 4’1 length

  • Greater overall response
  • Easier cutbacks
  • More power in your pumping

Benefits of a 4’8 length.

  • Easier deep water starts – if you are new to foiling you in addition to a shorter mast and a balance front wing this 4’8 length will help with your learning curve to foiling
  • More control, stability, and comfort in rougher water conditions
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